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Sea Surge Ads is a member site of the ECE Network. The ECE Network is designed to help online entrepreneurs, new or experienced, to achieve their goals of earning an online income. Starting with one website (Everyone Can Earn) in 2017, we have grown to 1 learning site, 1 tracker/rotator site, 2 advertising/earning sites and are adding a mailer, a traffic exchange and 2 more advertising/earning sites during 2019.  Our goal is to provide a complete system or network for entreprenuers to promote and earn. To teach and provide the tools necessary for people to learn to build an income online, an income that can help them better their lives and their situations. We want to help people grow in knowledge and income as they navigate the confusing world of the internet. 

Sea Surge Ads is an advertising platform designed to provide quality advertising for it's members. With the need for quality advertising we put together a platform for you to advertise banners, log in ads, and website ads on our Traffic Exchange.. Also with the desire to earn as we advertise we added a 2x1 straight line system to help you earn when you purchase advertising packages. 

We hope you enjoy Sea Surge Ads and encourage you to follow and join ECE Network as we grow  and achieve our goals of helping others. 

Karen Breeden


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Free JV Upgrade while they last.
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